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Monday, December 31, 2007

Micro Mosquito RC Helicopter

Micro Mosquito RC Helicopter

This Micro Mosquito Helicopter has 3 Channel Control to Fly Up/Down, Right/Left, Forward/Backward. Requires one 9V battery for transmitter and 6 C batteries for charger. An optional wall adapter can be used instead of the batteries.

This is a cool fully functional remote control helicopter. This micro helicopter remote control toy looks like a science project rather than a cheap toy, features great sound. You can fly this micro helicopter precisely, although you may need a small practice to have that sense.


Elen Elizabeth said...

This looks great, it really does look like a science project! I love the way it looks, actually i think its great.

Does it come together? or do you have to build it because then that would be incredible!

Last month i bough a really expensive airplane that's remote controlled and you had to put it together except the engine i had the time of my life putting it together and i was so proud when it was up in the air!

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Sam Huang said...

It is online sources Radio controlled toys. Many types toys are runner from remote controlled. Radio controlled toys are best effectively of our life. One of the most exciting hobbies are RC (radio controlled) toys in this time of boys.

charles7328 said...

Micro mosquito helicopter is uncomplicated three channel controller, safety ring around the propellers, and ability to withstand minor crashes makes it easier for children to fly. With all its cool features, it's a disappointment that the Blade Runner II is for indoor use only, but it's great to find an indoor helicopter that's not just for little kids.
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